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group/Resto telfair vue piscine - cp Veranda Resorts
Restaurants procedures & conditions

Step 1 - Incorporation of a local company

The promoter/investor must incorporate a local company to undertake an economic activity in the tourist sector. It is a rapid and simple procedure that consists of two main steps:

  • Reservation of name
  • Incorporation of the company


The Companies Division, is the sole government agency whereby the formalities for incorporation of the company have to be completed. A Guide to the Companies Act 2001 has been prepared to assist investors in this procedure.


Step 2– Land clearances

Prior to embarking on a project, promoters shall ensure that the proposed development is compatible with the zoning of the site and that relevant clearances such as land conversion permit (if applicable) and land ownership or authorisation or lease agreement have been obtained.


Step 3 – In case of State Land: Planning Clearance

The Planning Clearance is a clearance letter on plans of development on State Lands as the Lessee of the State Land is required by the conditions of the lease agreement to submit buildings plans of his development for approval.


Step 4 - Utilities clearances

These have to be sought from the Central Electricity Board, Central Water Authority and the Waste Water Management Authority


Step 5 - Building and Land Use Permit

A Building and Land Use Permit (BLP) is required before starting the construction of a building or effect extensive alterations, additions or repairs to an existing building or carry out development of land or change the use of a building from one cluster to another. The permit is delivered by the relevant municipal or district council. Failure to obtain a Building and Land Use Permit can result in significant fines and penalties, and even demolition of unauthorized construction if it cannot be made to meet the planning requirements.


An application for a building and land use permit must thus be submitted to the relevant local authority prior the development of the hotel. The application must be in conformity to the guidelines issued by the local authority, the Ministry of Health, the Fire Services and the Police Department. Upon approval, the Building and Land Use permit is issued within 15 days as from the effective date of the application and is valid for 24 months.


Step 6 – Project is implemented

With the BLP, the project can be implemented as per the approved plans in case construction is on State Land.


Step 7 – Permit to operate – Tourism Authority

No person is allowed to run or carry on a tourist-related enterprise that include restaurant activities unless he holds a valid Tourism Enterprise License. For this purpose an application for restaurant activities must be submitted to the Tourism Authority on the prescribed application form together with the relevant documents.


Information of the process flow for the obtention of a Tourist Enterprise Licence is available here.

The Tourist Enterprise Licence (TEL) for Restaurant (including liquor and   alcoholic   products) will be issued upon the submission of a licence issued by the Mauritius Revenue Authority (MRA). Applicant should simultaneously submit their application to the Tourism Authority and the MRA.


Step 8 – Project becomes operational

After the licenses have been obtained, the project can start to operate.


Step 9 – Ex-post controls

The promoters must ensure that the project is implemented according to the guidelines of the various authorities as inspections will be undertaken after the implementation of the project.

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